Solar Street Light

Avayaya Solar range of street lighting systems are completely self contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are maintenance-free, making them ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable or uneconomic. Avayaya Solar and manufactures complete outdoor lighting systems inclusive of various lights, bulk heads, solar modules, solar charge controllers, batteries and poles.

High power LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes) Avayaya Solar designs and manufactures LED lights primarily intended for solar power applications that can also be used forAC grid power sites.

Benefits of an LED street light:

• Long life an estimated 50,000+ hours operation (more than 11years at 12 hours a day).
• Reduced maintenance cost due to long life (comparable with the need to change a SOX lamp every 2 to 3 years).
• Robust; can withstand vibration from transport and rough weather
• Attractive cool white light.
• Good efficiency ; comparable with a fluorescent lamp.
• Small compared with other lamps ofsame output.
• Instant start (no warming up period)

Efficient PL lighting

High power compact fluorescentlamps suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Avayaya Solar's high efficiency PL based lighting has a bright white with over 2400 lumens output.

Economic SOX Lighting

SOX lamps arc a common forrn Of lighting employed in street lighting applications due to their high efficiency This means that they deliver more lumens of light for each watt of power than any other type of lamp. SOX installations therefore have the lowest energy consumption costs which are of crucial importance when thousands of miles of roads must be lit. SOX lamps generate an orange I yellow light.

Features :

• No utility line extensions
• No utility bills
• Fast and simple installation
• Location flexibility
• Maintenance-free
• Automatic operation
• High reliability
• Long lifetime
• 2 years warranty on systems
• 25 years warranty on solar module

Applications :

• Lighting of streets
• Highway and motorways
• Markets
• Squares
• Car parks
• Bus stops
• Rural roads
• Roundabouts
• Crossings
• Footpaths
• Camp sites
• Beaches
• Service stations

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