Off-grid connected solar is a solar electricity system with battery backup. During the day the sun shines and charges the batteries as well as supplies power to your home. During the evening or on rainy days when the sun isn 't shining you use the power stored in the batteries. Your house is not connected to the national grid hence the name: off-grid.

Although there have been large price reductions in the cost of panels and inverters, batteries are generally quite expensive and require regular maintenance. Generally the idea ofbeing off the grid is quite appealing but it does requires more investment.

Most of the time it is more cost efficient to connect to the grid and offset your electricity consumption with a grid-connect solar PV system than to go off-grid. However if you are building a new house or holiday home in a remote location Offconnected to the grid

There is no absolute standard off-grid system and it should be designed to suit your specific electrical loads and use patterns. At UR Energy we have designed systems that run whole pacific nations. We love off-grid systems and would love to help design yours

Off-grid Uses:

• Small Consumers.
• Home Lights
• No Grid Areas
• Standalone

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